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Supporting Seniors with Dementia During Holidays

If you or someone you care about has memory problems, you may be wondering what you can do to help them. Specifically, you might be asking yourself, “What are some good things to do for seniors with dementia?” Your goal is to improve their quality of life, boost mood and morale, and minimize challenging behaviors through therapeutic activities. These are purposeful activities that will lead to an enriched life for your senior with dementia.

Seniors with dementia may still have access to some of their older memories, so evoking nostalgia helps trigger some of the memories of once-loved activities. Do a variety of activities daily, and use holiday traditions to help make caregiving easier for people with dementia.

It can be hard to think of different things to do with seniors with dementia. It’s important to help senior citizens feel useful and happy. Encourage your loved one to do tasks around the house, complete crafts at their own speed and spend time with family.

Celebrating Holidays with Seniors Who Have Dementia

The holiday season is brimming with hustle, bustle and inevitable stress. Supporting senior citizens with dementia during the holiday season can cause caregiver burnout, but certain planning and activities can make it easier for you and your loved one.

Plan ahead and incorporate some holiday activities for seniors in your family traditions. Whether they are helping around the house or visiting with extended family, having the peace of mind that your loved one with dementia is in good hands can help make the holidays especially meaningful.

The holidays are also a wonderful time to nurture intergenerational relationships. Here are a couple of great Christmas and holiday activities to do with seniors who have dementia:

Seniors having holiday dinner with family
  • Give your loved one something to do. Small tasks, such as folding napkins, give those with dementia something simple to complete and provide a sense of purpose in contributing to the holiday table.
  • Ask about your loved one’s favorite holiday traditions and meals. Cooking with family members is a time-honored tradition, especially for holiday menus and recipes. Seniors with dementia may still enjoy spending time in the kitchen, cooking alongside family. This is a great time to share family recipes and cooking techniques, honoring family traditions and connecting over a meal.
  • Look at old photos and talk about memories. Older generations can shed light on family history, share decades-old memories and give wisdom about life. Younger generations can bring a fresh perspective and deep questions to the table, asking about past life experiences and more. Talking about these topics around the holidays can help seniors with dementia connect with family members in new and unique ways.
  • Get out the games. Playing games is an activity where all generations can participate. Card games, board games and even holiday-themed gift exchanges are a great way to incorporate all family members into holiday activities and traditions.
  • Engage the senses with holiday traditions. Looking at holiday lights, decorating a Christmas tree and sipping hot cocoa can help open the senses and connect your loved ones with family activities.

Enriching Activities for Seniors with Dementia

The caregivers at Mount Prospect work with assisted living and memory care residents to create meaningful interactions every day. Residing in a memory care community establishes a structured, comforting and safe environment. The devoted Mount Prospect team, comprised of caregivers, nurses, chefs and health care professionals, places a high priority on the cognitive well-being of residents through daily memory care programming and activities.

In a typical day within the Generations memory care program at Mount Prospect, residents start by preparing for the day ahead. They can engage in a full activity calendar designed to facilitate interaction and activities for seniors with dementia according to their preferences.

A great way to support seniors with dementia is by using cognitive and physical exercises that boost neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which can improve mood and reduce stress. Some of the best activities for those with memory-impaired illnesses can be simple, such as:

  • Interactions with neighbors, family and caregivers provide social connection
  • Sensory activities engaging all five senses are great for cognitive well-being
  • Music and art therapy can facilitate new ways to connect
  • Indoor activities for seniors include light exercise and games
  • Crafts, such as beading and threading, can help seniors with dementia express themselves
  • Outdoor activities, such as taking a short walk, are great for those with dementia  

Activities and Amenities at Mount Prospect Senior Living

The Generations memory care team at Mount Prospect prides themselves on the various activities and amenities they provide to all residents, from assisted living to memory care. Residents always have something fun to do, like book clubs, movies, trivia, and arts and crafts. Caregivers are there to support and encourage them to have an enriching time every day.

Generations memory care at Mount Prospect plans a specially designed activity calendar for seniors with dementia and other types of cognitive impairment. We cater to those in memory care with a variety of cognitive and physical classes and activities that work the mind, body and soul.

The compassionate team invests the time to understand your loved one and actively support their physical and cognitive health. This consistently warm environment provides residents and their families with assurance, knowing they are receiving exceptional dementia care.

The community is welcoming and inclusive for seniors who require assisted living or memory care, with safety, security and comfort in mind. In addition to the prime location and spacious homes, Mount Prospect has great amenities, such as:

  • On-site movie theatre
  • Spacious dog park
  • Beautifully cared-for walking paths
  • Wellness center for light exercise

We know that you have a choice in your retirement lifestyle options. The team at Mount Prospect would love to speak with you about your assisted living or memory care needs and our exclusive program, Generations memory care. To learn more, contact us today.