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We’re grateful for the positive reviews we receive at Mount Prospect Senior Living. Thank you for your trust and confidence in our assisted living and memory care community.

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See what residents and families say about living at Mount Prospect

I went to a presentation about dementia, and it was PHENOMENAL.

So informative and helpful. The woman from Mount Prospect Senior Living who hosted the presenter also spoke and shared so much valuable information about this residence and how the staff interact and treat the residents. It was truly impressive, and no doubt your loved ones will be cared for appropriately at this location!


Mount Prospect Senior Living community is a beautiful community.

The staff are friendly and welcoming. They provide excellent services.


My father has dementia, and when my mother and I noticed he was progressing quickly, we started to look at memory care facilities.

Of the three that we visited, Mount Prospect Senior Living was by far the best option. The building is beautiful with fantastic amenities (in-house spa for haircuts, a Jacuzzi for recovery after physical therapy, a full dining room with a rotating and fresh menu). My mother and I felt like my father would really appreciate the living spaces that were all so well kept, well decorated with resident art (yes, art they created!) and so much more. However, what makes Mount Prospect truly stand out is the team. When I sent an inquiry, Shelly reached out to me immediately to set up a visit. My mother and I felt so welcomed, and we were blown away by Shelly’s knowledge of the entire industry. Her experiences have not only made her a voice of reason and wisdom, but it also allows her to highlight what makes Mount Prospect stand out among the rest. The day-to-day programming is so robust and fulfilling that we know all residents live very abundant lives. The best part of our tour was when we visited with some guests, and many of them would not let Shelly leave a conversation – they were all so happy to see their friend. Mount Prospect is a fantastic option for families that are looking for extra support for their loved ones.


My brother suffers with a condition that has altered his motor skills, and he needed help.

After visiting a few facilities, I ended up having a long conversation with Shelly regarding care and what they can offer my brother. My brother was one of their first residents. Now it’s two years later, and at this time the staff, and especially Shelly, who seems to be the foundation of the facility, has shown to provide the most professional care. The facility is well maintained, and yes, the food is great. I highly recommend taking a close look at what they have to offer your loved one as these people really care about their residents!


Mount Prospect Senior Living is such a wonderful community.

The apartments (and the general spaces) are very clean and beautiful. The food is delicious, and the staff is so caring. They make sure the residents are taken care of really well. Just such a nice place. 😊 I recommend reaching out and requesting a tour. You will love it too!


Mount Prospect is far from your typical facility.

It’s like checking in to a Marriott. The staff is very friendly, and they know their residents. It’s pretty comparable to others for base price. Glad we picked this facility. My dad loves it.


Mom’s care needs progressed, and the nursing staff at Mount Prospect really stepped in as great partners.

They helped facilitate hospice, equipment and medications. We are very pleased with the care and communication.


The building is beautiful, but all the people who work there are even better.

Everyone is so helpful and kind and patient. We are all so happy we picked this place. From the fabulous food to the awesome apartments, just really, really great!


I was initially concerned with how the staff would take care of my mother.

After seeing how the staff cared for my mother, I would absolutely recommend this facility. Everyone was very positive and supportive, which eliminated my concerns for how the staff would treat/care for my mother. A huge thank you to all of the staff for all that they do!


This has been a great experience for my loved one at Mount Prospect.

My loved one is getting socialization with other residents. They do try to engage the residents in different events. There is a hair salon on site for the residents to take advantage of. This has allowed for my loved one to feel more at home in the community. The room that my loved one has feels more like a home. There is a sink and full-size refrigerator in the room. Overall, it’s been fabulous. The community moves the residents into the community and their rooms. My loved one was able to walk in and immediately feel at home. There was a big welcome event for my loved one the day they moved in.